Yo, wassup!?

Welcome to the page where I'm supposed to say how awesome I am. I'm a composer and sound designer for video games, films and what have you. I've also designed some award-winning games which you can find in the "Credits" amongst my other glorious achievements. I make films too! yeah, so that's taken care of, ah... what else!? Oh I have this podcast called "Wassup Conversations" and in each episode, I talk to one of the key members of the video game industry and that's cool too. Hmmm!... yeah, that's about it, it's better to find out about me through my work, check out my music on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you listen to your music. Watch my films on my blog or from my channel on YouTube, and listen to Wassup Conversations.

Boy, I hate writing about myself. that's done. I'm out!



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