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My name is Hamidreza Nikoofar, Game Developer, Producer, Music Composer, and Sound Designer. I'm a producer, composer, and sound designer at Enlightened Robot Entertainment, working on "Naser: Son of Man." I've also made some award-winning games in Iran "Fighting in Aden Gulf", "Grandma Overdrive" and some others. 

These days I'm mostly focused on delivering "Naser: Son of Man" and making music and sound for games.

I have a popular podcast called "Wassup Conversations" and in there, I speak to legends and icons of the video games industry like Ken Levine, Jordan Mechner, Patrice Desilets, and many more. We talk about game development, music in games, and creative subjects. 

I've made some award-winning short films too called "Tyrant" and "BPM: The Guilt."



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