My name is Hamidreza Nikoofar, composer and sound designer for films, television, and popular video games and franchises in Iran. I've composed, and sound designed many award-winning, best-selling projects resulting many years of experience in video game's audio production.

Familiar with powerful, melodic orchestral writing, I've worked on varied projects, carrying different cultures from east to west in different genres. 

I'm also a game developer designing some of the best video games in Iran such as "Fighting in Aden Gulf: 10 Degrees Turn" and best game of 2017 TGC "Grandam Overdrive" I work with most of the game developing tools and engines such as "Unreal Engine", "Unity 3D", "Fmod" and I'm experienced with audio implementation process in video games.

Also, I'm the host of "Wassup Game Dev" YouTube channel where I interview key members of the video game industry.