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A Conversation with Sarah Lynn, Producer of XCOM: Chimera Squad

Sarah Lynn is one of those people that you'll receive a wave of good feelings as soon as she says just "Hello". It's no wonder that she's a respected and successful producer at one of the best video game companies in the world; Firaxis Games. In this conversation, we both wanted to inspire young female game developers around the world by telling the success story of Sarah's life, and I think we kind of did it. Other than that, we talked about XCOM and Civilization series and of course, the legendary Sid Meier. You can check out Sarah's new masterpiece, "XCOM: Chimera Squad" on Steam. And you can watch our conversation from "Wassup Conversations" YouTube channel or, listen to the audio version on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Castbox and all the major podcast streaming services.

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