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A Podcast with Jordan Thomas: From BioShock to The Blackout Club

For this new episode of "Wassup Conversations" I had a chat with Jordan Thomas, a legendary director, writer and game designer with an inspiring career to look up to. Here are some of his great works: Game designing Thief: Deadly Shadows, writing and directing BioShock 2, helping BioShock Infinite to become a possibility and then starting a new studio called Question Games Studio and releasing two new different games: The Magic Circle and The Blackout Club. In this interesting episode, we talk about Thief, history and the future of the franchise, BioShock 1,2 and Infinite and of course working with Ken Levine. Alternative approaches and his initial ideas for BioShock 2 and leaving AAA games to make new groundbreaking IPs. You can listen to this podcast via, Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube and all the other major podcast streaming apps. Many thanks to Michael "Patches" Kelly for helping me out on this one. Check out Question Games Studio and their amazing games.

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