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A podcast with the Art Director of Gears 5

I loved Gears 5. It's true to the nature of the Gears of War franchise and it draws new lines for the future of the series without sacrificing anything precious. This games feels amazing and the visual is nothing but outstanding, both technically and in art style. So I was curious about the creative process of The Coalition in creating the art of Gears 5. So, I had a podcast with Aryan Handbeck, the art director of the game to talk about his background, becoming an artist, Gears 4 and of course, Gears 5.

This is a masterclass for all the artists out there and not only visual artists, I'm a composer and I've learned a lot in this talk. Aryan explains how they choose the next art leads in the company and the secret is within passion and involvement. Key elements of success in any artistic hierarchy.

Also, an exciting geeky part of the conversation was the influence of the Hulu series, The Handmaid's Tale which I found very exciting, especially when Aryan mentions that he's telling the team to watch the series for visual, lighting, cinematography and the general feeling and influences for Gears 6. I really love to see Gears 6 with another distinctive-looking art style, especially similar to a show with a very unique look like The Handmaid's Tale.

By the way, this is the longest podcast I've ever had and it easily could go hours and hours but the time is gold and I Aryan has to lead a great team of artists for the next entry of Gears of War series.

Like always, the podcast is on Spotify, CastBox, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and this time you can see the video of Aryan on Wassup Conversations' YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and like and stay around for new exciting podcasts with the greatest of the video game industry.

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