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Conversation: Oscar Winner Sound Editor of Mad Max: Fury Road and Dune on Success and Failure

Hold onto your eardrums, because in this episode of Wassup Conversations, we're going on a sonic adventure with the legendary Mark Mangini, a two-time Academy Award-winning sound designer and editor whose name practically screams cinematic excellence. From the explosive landscapes of Mad Max: Fury Road to the haunting whispers of Dune, Mark has shaped the soundscapes of some of the most iconic films ever made.

But his journey wasn't just a series of Oscar statuettes and explosions. We delve into Mark's life and career, exploring his childhood, success story, the lessons learned from facing failures, and the sheer joy of crafting those unforgettable sounds that make movies come alive.

This isn't just a conversation, it's a masterclass in storytelling, creativity, and the power of sound to transport us to different worlds. So, fire up your favorite podcast app, hit play. Wassup Conversations podcast is available on YouTube, and all the major podcast streaming services.

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