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Interview: Mikael Säker (Writer of Battlefield 3,4,1, The Darkness, Riddick)

Recently I had a chat with Mikael Säker, the writer of some great games such as The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Darkness and Battlefield ,3,4,1. It was a great interview about writing for games, and we talked about the behind the scenes of early Starbreeze games and the production of Battlefield franchise.

Mikael even told me about an ambitious unannounced game that he was directing at Avalanche Studios, developer of Just Cause games. I'm going to quote him here about that crazy awesome game: "That was not fun. I think they had to let the half of the studio go, over a night because of the economic collapse. The publisher cancelled all their games except one, and it was a big publisher. But had been working on this awesome open-world game set in an alternative reality version of 1950s. It was insane! We had a huge this huge version of London that looked spectacular. We didn't have skyscrapers, but we had, like inverted heights, so the city grew downwards, to the ground. You could fly ziplines, airships, planes and jump down to these really, really deep holes in the middle of the city. So it was visually, and world-building wise spectacular and It had some really great gameplay ideas."

Unfortunately, the game was cancelled because it needed another two years of development during those hard times of Avalanche.

Make sure to watch or listen to the entire interview for some cool never heard before information about these great games. You can watch this Wassup Conversations' interview on YouTube or listen to it on all the major podcast streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Podcast and Castbox.

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