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Prodeus: A Badass shooter that let you customize everything!

There is this game called Prodeus. A retro looking shooter I found out about last year and I just can't wait to peak my adrenaline sky high with this bad motherfucker! Seriously, check out the trailers and you'll be amazed.

Anyways, Developers of this game are two cool dudes with lots of awesome games under their belts like Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, Payday, Singularity and many more awesome projects. I had a chance to have a Discord conversation with Jason Mojica, one of the developers of Prodeus about the project and how it's going to be a game that you can customize lots of stuff in it.

Check out the podcast on Wassup Conversations.

BTW, go back this game on Kickstarter right now! :)

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